Terms & Conditions

The Seller
Techno Morioka Co., Ltd
Operations manager
President and CEO Keiju Yoshida
2613 Narita, Nagai-Shi, Yamagata Prefecture 993-0075
TEL +81-238-84-0170
FAX +81-238-84-0282
E-mail info@sensingeye.jp
URL http://www.techno-morioka.co.jp/
Expenses in addition to the cost of the goods
Shipping cost, Service charge.
Shipping Method
Shipping cost varies by countries.
Duties etc : It's depends on countries, so when occurred import duties, customs clearance handling charge, and other customs duties additionally, it will be customer's burden. Directly, please pay delivery staffs when your items arrived.
How to Order
Please go from the shopping cart of this site to the order screen and order. Please enter your information according to the necessary input items, confirm the contents, and confirm the order.
  1. Add to Shopping Cart.
  2. Fill in the required items.
  3. Credit card.
  4. Please place your order.
Payment Method
We accept payment by credit card [Visa or MasterCard]
Delivery time & date
It varies by countries.
Shipping by Yamato Transport.
Your delivery status can be checked online.
Purchase quantity
Any restrictions on purchase quantity are displayed on the order screen.
Return period
Within a week from product arrival.
Return postage
We will bear the return postage costs in the case of the return of a defective product or product damaged during delivery.
You will bear the return postage costs in the case of the return of a product at your own convenience.
About returned and replacement products
Please return the item to the above address. In that case, please be sure to let us know your name, address and telephone number. In addition, please make sure to keep a copy of the invoice until you receive the replacement item, or until refund of the price is completed.